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Smoke Alarms – Selecting the correct product

Protecting your property against fire and smoke damage can be made easier with the correct selection and installation of smoke and heat detectors. The most basic smoke alarms are the ionisation detectors. These are the cheapest option and are suitable for detecting fast flaming fires, but are prone to false alarms. A more effective option would be the installation of an optical detector. The optical detectors are much more efficient in the detection of slow burning fires, including those started by wiring faults.

Aico - EI146 Optical Smoke Alarm

Aico EI146 - Smoke Detector

Optical Alarm


Aico EI141 - Smoke Detector

Ionisation Alarm

If you are looking for an alarm in your kitchen, a heat detector would be ideal. This is the most effective way of avoiding false alarms when cooking.

Smoke and heat detectors can be linked to one another via a 3 core and earth cable or a radio link base. This will alert all other connected devices when one of the smoke or heat detectors is set off.

The Radio Link Base can be used with Aico's 140 and 160 series.

Aico EI144


Aico EI144 - Heat Detector



Aico EI168RC - Radio Link Base

Smoke Alarms – Ideal installation locations

Building regulations now require every new property to contain smoke and/or heat detectors. The regulations require that a typical three-bedroom house has at least two fire detection devices, one on each floor. Obviously, the more smoke alarms a property has, the more efficient it is at detecting fires, increasing the safety of personnel and property. A property should contain a mix of ionisation alarms, optical detectors and heat detectors. A variety of each of these alarms would provide the optimum alert time to a fire inside a property. 

Carbon Monoxide Alarms – The silent killer

Carbon monoxide is becoming an increasing problem in households around the world. The fact is that carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas, meaning that its presence can not be detected without the assistance of a carbon monoxide alarm. 

Carbon monoxide can be released into a household via appliances such as boilers and ovens/cookers that have not been properly installed or maintained. The gas can also be created when solid fuels (such as wood, coal or petrol) are burned and the fumes are not exiting the building efficiently, leading to a build up of fumes. Safety experts are now suggesting each household and building install at least one carbon monoxide alarm, and ideally, have one alarm fitted per floor.

Carbon monoxide is now the leading cause of accidental poisoning, killing on average 50 people a year in the UK alone. To increase your safety, install carbon monoxide alarms and protect yourself against the silent killer.


Aico EI208W - Carbon Monoxide Alarms

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Recommended Kitchen Alarm – Heat detector

Recommended Bedroom Alarm – Ionisation alarm

Recommended Hallway, Landing and Living Room Alarms – Optical smoke detector

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