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Downlight Information

Low Voltage or Mains Voltage

Selecting the most suitable downlight for your refurbishment could make that telling difference between good and great. There are a few combinations of downlights to choose from. Firstly you must decide whether you wish to have fixed or adjustable downlights, and whether you require mains powered or low voltage downlights. Here at UK Electrical Supplies, we aim to make the choices clearer and the selection easier.

Low voltage or Mains voltage?

As the name suggests, low voltage downlights require less power then mains voltage downlights. However, in order to use less power, a transformer is required to step down the 230v supplied from the mains power, down to 12v, which is sufficient to provide excellent lighting. The low voltage downlights will require a higher initial outlay, because of the required transformer, but will save you money on your energy bills in the future. The lamps that are used within low voltage downlights will also be subject to a longer life expectancy then those used in mains voltage downlights. UK Electrical supplies recommends the use of low voltage downlights in rooms that require a higher amount of light, such as bathrooms and kitchens. The low voltage downlights provide a brighter light with greater clarity. 

Fixed or Adjustable?

Like the name suggests, the only difference between the two options is that one lamp can be adjusted within the fitting, and the other cannot. The advantage of using adjustable fittings is that the beam can be focused in a specific direction after installation.

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