Hamilton Single Wall Socket With USB Port

Hamilton single 13amp wall socket with combined USB socket now available from UK Electrical Supplies. Just a few months ago, Hamilton Litestat unveiled their new combined socket idea at Decorex 2010. This came after an announcement from the GSM Group, which includes some of the biggest names in mobile devices, that mobile phones are to be sold with just a USB cable, instead of having many different types of chargers for different makes of phones. This product is simply a standard 13amp wall socket with a built in USB socket, which comes in handy when you can’t remember where you put your adapters for your portable devices or when you don’t have a computer to hand. This new combined socket is perfect if you want to just quickly top up the power in your digital cameras, PDAs, iPads, iPods, iPhones and other mobile phones. Any device that can be charged via your computer can be charged using this new socket. Pick up a Hamilton single 13amp wall socket with an integrated USB charging socket from UK Electrical Supplies today for just £12.90.

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