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Hamilton Litestat Product Overview

Hamilton are one of the market leaders when it comes to the design and manufacturing of electrical accessories. As a brand, Hamilton are renowned for their excellent quality throughout their entire range of products. The quality that is constantly associated with Hamilton comes via the fact that all the products are specifically made to order for each customer. Their products are manufactured in the UK, adding further reassurance that the finished article will be of the highest standard.

Hamilton Hartland

The Hartland range is the most popular designed and produced by Hamilton. The Hartland range produces a effortless and efficient look that combines simple designs with a timeless appearance.

Hamilton Hartland Bright Chrome 3 Gang 10amp 2 Way Rocker
The Hamilton Hartland CFX screwless range provides a modern twist on the original Hartland series. The Hartland CFX range combines all of the design features from the standard Hartland accessories, and unites this classic look with a screwless finish.
Hartland CFX Bright Chrome 2 Gang 13A Switched Socket - Double Pole
The Hamilton Sheer range combines the classic design features long associated with Hamilton, and applies these characteristic looks with a super-slim finish. The ultra thin devices sit almost flush to the wall, creating a simplistic and stylish interior appearance. 
Sheer Polished Brass 2 Gang 10amp 2 Way Rocker
The Hamilton Sheer CFX Screwless Flat Plate combines the ultra thin design found in the Sheer range, but includes a screwless finish. The fixtures and fittings within the Sheer CFX Screwless range are concealed behind the front plate, creating a modern and stylish feel.
Sheer CFX Bright Chrome 1 Gang 13A Switched Socket - Double Pole
The Hamilton Sheer floor series provides all the same design features of the Hamilton Sheer wall mounted accessories. The super-slim characteristics creates an unobtrusive  profile when added into a property.
Sheer Floor Satin Steel 2 Gang 13A Unswitched Socket
The Hamilton Cheriton Victorian range combines sleek and effortless design with a simple yet elegant appearance.
Cheriton Victorian Polished Brass Push On/Off Dimmer 3 Gang 2 way
The Hamilton Linea-Duo CFX Screwless Flat Plate provides a whole new dimension to electrical sockets and switches. The Linea-Duo allows for the outer perimeter to match the inserts within the fixture. The Hamilton Linea-Duo series also has the added feature of having a screwless design.
Linea-Duo CFX Polished Brass/Bright Steel 2 Gang 13A Switched Socket - Double Pole
The Hamilton Linea-Scala CFX screwless range puts a unique twist on the traditional fixtures and fittings. The range compromises of a steep edge, much like the conventional accessories, but include a screwless finish, which allows all of the screws to be concealed behind the front plate.
Linea-Scala CFX Polished Brass/Polished Brass 1 Gang Multi way Touch Master Trailing Edge
The Hamilton Linea-Rondo CFX continues Hamilton’s classic designs and sleek styles. The Linea-Rondo series is compromises of two separate plates. This enables various combinations of colours. The design of the Linea-Rondo range features a screwless front plate, enabling the series to appear screwless when it is fixed to the wall.
Linea-Rondo CFX Bright Chrome/Piano Black 3 Gang 10amp 2 Way Rocker
The Hamilton Perception CFX Screwless range is a radical new product from Hamilton. The Perception range consists of a clear front plate, allowing the accessory to blend in with the interior. The Perception range also consists of a screwless front plate, further adding to the modern feel.
Perception Clear 1 Gang 10amp 2 Way Rocker
The Hamilton Linea Georgian CFX Screwless range is another classic design from Hamilton. The two-plate construction of the fitting allows for a variety of finishes, ensuring every property can install a fitting that will compliment any colour room. The rope edge design of the Linea-Georgian range provides an elegant twist on a classic design. The concealed fittings on the Linea-Georgian series further enhance its touch of class.
Linea-Georgian CFX Polished Brass/Antique Brass 2 Gang 10amp 2 Way Rocker
The Linea-Perlina CFX series from Hamilton is similar to the Linea-Georgian range, with a subtle difference. Unlike the Linea-Georgian range with its roped-edge design, the Linea-Perlina features a pearl edged finish. The Linea-Perlina does how ever have the same elegant screwless front plate.
Linea-Perlina CFX Polished Brass/Polished Brass 1 Gang Double Pole 45A Red Rocker + 13A Switched Socket
The Cheriton Georgian range produced by Hamilton is more contemporary and original finish. The Cheriton Georgian series provides a timeless look with its rope edged finish. The fittings that can be seen on the front plate further add to the classic design. 
Cheriton Georgian Antique Brass 3 Gang 10amp 2 Way Rocker
The Woods Chamfered range provides elegance of the highest degree. The fittings are produced using premier wood that presents simple and natural look to the finished article. The Woods Chamfered range includes a simple design that creates simple and clean lines that compliment any character or modern property.
Woods Chamfered Dark Oak 1 Gang 10amp 2 Way Rocker
The Woods Ovolo series manufactured by Hamilton involves the same characteristics as the Woods Chamfered, with a detailed edge for a slightly more creative finish. The Ovolo range is constructed from high quality wood that provides an elegant finish.
Woods Ovolo Light Oak 1 Gang 2 way Dimmer
The Bloomsbury Chamfered is the ideal accessory for a character property, but can also add to a modern design. The original style of the dolly/toggle switch provides a timeless look when combined with the straight cut wood plinth.
Bloomsbury Chamfered Medium Oak Fluted Polished Brass 2 Gang Intermediate Toggle
The Hamilton Bloomsburg Ovolo accessory features the same characteristics as the the Bloomsburg Chamfered. The two ranges both have an elegance and timelessness that will fit beautifully into any character property, or modern design. The Bloomsburg Ovolo features a curved edge design instead of the straight edges seen on the Bloomsburg Chamfered. 
Bloomsbury Ovolo Dark Oak Plain Bright Chrome 2 Gang Intermediate Toggle


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