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Heat Mat – Mirror Heat 

Heat Mat mirror heat pads are the latest product from Heat Mat. The Heat Mat company have adapted their innovative technology, originally designed for their under floor heating systems, and modified this set up for creating mirror heating pads. The design of the mirror heat pads allows them to fit the vast majority of mirrors. This allows the entire mirror to be mist and steam free once bathing has been commenced. 

Selecting the correct size Heat Mat Mirror Heater.

To select the appropriate size heater for your mirror, you will first need to know the size of the selected mirror you wish to heat. After gaining the measurements of your mirror, you will need to select the mirror heater with the measurements as close to your mirror size as possible. However, it is crucial that you select a mirror heater that is slightly smaller then the actual size of the mirror. This will allow for the heated pad to fit as best as possible to the mirror and still be hidden. It will also allow for the mandatory 25mm gap left around the edge of the mirror.

(For unusually shaped mirrors, or exceptionally large mirrors, more than one Heat Mat Mirror Heating pad may be used, however, be sure to leave a 10mm gap between the various heating pads.)

Heat Mat Mirror Heating System

Installation of your Heat Mat Mirror Heater

The mirror heaters come equipped with a self-adhesive backing, this enables it to be easily attached to the back of the mirror. The mirror can be then affixed to the wall. The mirror can also be covered in mirror adhesive, only if the adhesive is solvent free. If the mirror heat pad is being used with a safety-backed mirror, the backing should be earthed, along with all metal parts surrounding the mirror.

Heat Mat efficiency

Heat Mat mirror heat pads have been tested to use 50% less power then other alternatives. For an example, a 500mm by 500mm heat pad will only use 50 watts of power per hour.

Heat Mat Mirror Heat pads can be wired through the bathroom lighting system, ensuring that the mirror is heated only the light is turned on. This also alleviates the probability that you will forget to turn the mirror heat pad on when bathing. This ensures you get the most out of your mist free mirror.

Heat mirror pads are fast becoming a must have accessory in any bathroom, and are specified as standard in the majority of new hotels and apartment complexes.

The Heat Mat mirror heat pads also come with a 10-year manufacturers guarantee. 

Mirror Heating System

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