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Heat mat overview description

Heat mat under floor heating systems are specially manufactured products that have been designed for use under any floor surface. The 200w/m2 system can be used as a primary heat source within a given room size, but can only be used under tile and stone surfaces. If you do not have tiled or stone flooring, then the 160w/m2 system is recommended. The 160w/m2 under floor system is mainly used as a secondary heating system within a room, however, it may be used as primary heat source in a room with good insulation.

Heat Mat Underfloor Heating

If you have laminate flooring then here at UK Electrical Supplies we stock the Heatmat Underlaminate Heating system which is designed  specifically for use with laminate flooring.

Planning your Underfloor Heating system 

Floor surface

In order to get the most efficient under floor heating system, it is important that you select the correct size and power. The first stage in selecting your under floor heating, is to determine what floor surface you are planning on laying over the heating system. If you plan on a tiled or stone floor surface, then the 200w/m2 system would be ideal. If you are planning on a carpet, bonded wood or vinyl floor surface, then you are recommended to install the 160w/m2

(Once the desired floor surface has been selected, you can then select the appropriate power of the under floor heating.)

Measuring your selected area

The next stage is to measure the size of floor you wish the under floor heating mat to cover. If the size of the required floor is under 10m2, then deduct 10% off of the total. If your room is over 10m2, then deduct 5% from the total floor space. 

Increasing efficiency

After selecting the total floor space you require for under floor heating, you now need to think about getting the best efficiency from your heating system. In order to get the best efficiency from your under floor heating, you will require insulation boards.  Although insulation boards are not required for an underfloor heating system to work, they are highly recommended for maximum efficiency. The boards range in sizes, the smallest board being 6mm in depth. The other boards that are available from UK Electrical Supplies are the 10mm depth board and the 20mm depth. These boards are designed to minimize the amount of heat escaping downwards, increasing efficiency, and decreasing the amount of energy required to heat the floor surface. The Heat Mat 10mm insulation board has been tested and the reports show that it will pay for itself in just three years after installation

Heat Mat Efficiency      Heat Mat Thermal Insulation Board

Other efficiency options

If a situation arises where you have limited head room in a room, then obviously insulation boards can not be used as there will further decrease the headroom, making this a non-viable option. In this case, the Heat Mat i-primer will provide the perfect substitute. The i-primer works like an insulation board, its primary objective is to prevent downward heat loss. However, unlike the insulation boards, the i-primer is a liquid and will not decrease the available headroom. The i-primer can increase efficiency by up to 20% in a room with poor surface insulation.

For floor surfaces such as carpet, bonded wood, vinyl or tile, then a Mira Thermoplan self-leveling floor compound is recommended. The Heat Mat Mira Thermoplan compound has been specially designed to acquire quickly, and provide an even spread of heat to the above floor surface. The Mira Thermoplan Self-Levelling Compound also has the added advantage of being self-leveling and quick drying. This would allow the floor surface to be laid straight onto the Mira Thermoplan without any extra, unnecessary work.  (If you have chosen to use the Mira Thermoplan insulation compound, then it is advised that the Mira Primer be used to prepare the subfloor surface prior to the use of the Mira Thermoplan.)

Planning your Underlaminate Heating system

For best results, the 140W/m² system should be installed directly onto Decora High Performance Insulation (DEC-006-0006). It reduces downward heat loss and enables it to, in well insulated rooms, provide a full heating system in most circumstances. It is not recommended for use beneath floors thicker than 18mm.

The Underlaminate System requires aluminium tape (ULS-TAP-ALUM) to be used during the installation process and UK Electrical Supplies supply 45m rolls of tape which is enough for 12m² of matting.

Underlaminate Heating System

Please note, that Heat Mat thermostats are only designed to be used in conjuction with Heat Mat underfloor heating and underlaminate heating systems.

Heatmat Thermostats

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